UX portfolio: CDA


Project Summary

Company: CDA (Cambridge Data Analytics)

Dates: April 2015 - April 2017

Team Size: 15-20

Role: Co-Founder/UX/Data Science

Rescued the core scoring system of our client’s psychometric test which had become a mystery due to previous improper documentation



Business problem

  • Psychometric test was producing skewed scores, preventing software from being released to public

  • Results and feedback to users were too basic; not utilizing all the data they were collecting

  • Database was a mess and needed reformatting




1. Completed comprehensive analysis of the database to get our bearings and produced descriptive results for the client



2. Using their database, we created iterations of algorithms to match our client's expectations until we reached a new system we are all satisfied with.

After implementing our algorithms successfully in their existing database, it went live.


3. We then interviewed users about the feedback they were getting after completing the test


It was clear the output to the users was not utilizing the data being collected.


4. We created templates for a variety of new output for users that are now used:


Group managers - typically teachers - could now see their cohort’s trajectories based on longitudinal user profiles we created


Users could now track their progress over time


Group managers could also access their cohort’s scores compared to national average


User's scores were now given context with explanation and further details


5. Feedback was given how to update and clean their database










  • Core product no longer prevented company from acquiring new clients or opening to the public

  • Revamped user feedback based on their needs

  • Ability to produce white papers outlining how their product worked

  • Insight into weaknesses and strengths of their tests and database for future development