UX Portfolio: Summary

Hi, my name is Jack, a UX researcher from Seattle, WA, trained at the University of Cambridge. My approach to improving user experience is derived from academic and business experiences that have led me to a firm belief in iterative design approaches.

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Research expert. With a Ph.D. in Psychology from Cambridge, my skills in experimental design and statistical analysis provide the foundation for rigorous UX research.

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Business experience. I've worked on multi-company projects, delivering work under time and financial constraints. I co-founded a data science and consulting company hired for product-based applied research. 


Team oriented. I have experience in creating and communicating technical and content/design material. I've networked, collaborated, and presented to stakeholders from engineering, executive, design, and product teams.


UX Methods: User Research, A/B Testing, Wireframes, Usability Testing, Benchmarking, Personas, Content Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Survey Design, Eye Tracking


Prototyping: Just-In-Mind, Keynote


Statistics: ANOVA, Regression, Modeling, Database organisation


Working Programming Knowledge: R, Python, Matlab