Life With Toast

Time to start writing again.


Recently I moved off away from major social media platforms after multiple years - a decade with one of them - not because I was bored, although that was also true, but because they failed to inspire. I'm not looking for inspiration in any big or flashy way, just something to keep me curious and engaged. Once I can start scrolling on end, I am going to get a case of the 'museums'; after some time (this varies based on my interest and the variance in the museum) of walking through gallery after gallery my attention becomes kind of numb to the art and I am unable to feel inspired or deeply connected to the pieces hanging in front of me. The posts and photos and videos and advertisements made me numb a long time ago, and I was staying on the platforms mainly to message friends. But even that started to weigh on me in some way, like I was holding responsibility to all these people in some indirect way. The costs outweighed the benefits, it was time to move on.

Another part of moving away from social media (for the time being at least) is to focus on creating more meaningful work. Again nothing flashy here, just a place to catch passing creative impulses and see what happens. I'm not sure what form my writings will take, but i'm looking forward to it.